Why, Miley, Why

     Currently, I am sitting in one of the biggest wastes of time I’ve ever experienced in my time here subjected to the rigors of earth- Psychology 101 at West Virginia University. That being the case, I’ve decided to take the time to convey to you my thoughts on one of the most respected, introverted, and modest pop stars on the scene; Miley Cyrus. 

     Over the past few months Miley has seemingly lost her grip on her former self, Hannah Montana, and taken on the attitude in vogue with young adults these days- just not giving a f**k. Why has she done this, you say? Many plausible causes have been thrown out by the media, but no one really knows. I can only assume her genetically achy-breaky heart had finally broken, and she turned to foam fingers to satisfy her desires ( you won’t have to worry about sharp fingernails, ladies,) and tonguing every camera in sight. The girl is livin’ the dream, and the public doesn’t seem to quite understand that. 

     All of the controversy stems from two things; Miley’s VMA performance with Robin Thicke, and her new music video, We Can’t Stop. Both of these things have a few things in common: Miley is nearly naked, Miley is twerking, and Miley is singing pretty damn well. Parents say that she is too risqué and that she is causing problems with what kids can watch. I don’t seem to understand why parents would allow their children to watch the VMAs in the first place, but who am I to judge? Even members to the famed Today Show cast have stated incessantly that she is crossing the line. The public outcry against Cyrus is very strong- and they’re right, but not for the right reasons. 

     Miley is trying to get attention. “Haters” and fans alike share that common fact. What they do not share, though, is the reason why she wants the attention. Many shallow moms and television show hosts will take the easy way out, claiming that she tries to get attention through immaturity- but I believe it is something totally different. If you actually listen to the lyrics in the recordings and don’t just look at her ass (which is defiantly a challenge on most occasions,) you will her a common theme among the music. Miley is preaching love and acceptance for all. In her twerk-tastic We Can’t Stop, there is a line that stands out among the rest: “Only God can judge ya, forget the haters, cause somebody loves ya.” This screams the same popular adage that adults today hound us with- “Be yourself, you’re special.” But adults say she’s too slutty. The inner Miley Cyrus could very well be a slut, but I think it’s more- Miley is using her body as an attention grabber to her mission: No matter who you are, what you do, or what you’ve done, it will be O.K. You can make it through as long as you stick to your believes. The next time someone insults you, don’t take it to heart- be you. Just listen to Miley, and it’ll all twerk out. 


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