Journalism 115 Assignment/#CDCprobz

     In my Journalism 115 “orientation” class at West Virginia University, we were assigned to make a blog and post our weekly news article reaction paper in it. I already had the blog, but here’s the paper. Feel free to critique in any way possible. 

Here’s the link to the article at hand:



     The article being slightly over-analyzed this week comes from the famous Newsweek. Titled “The Drugs Don’t Work” (I beg to differ in that regard) it speaks of the overuse of antibiotics in America. If you were previously unaware, overuse of the same antibiotics will cause the bacteria to mutate into a parasite immune to the drug. This is very scary concept that Americans continue to ignore.

     Kurt Eichenwald does a fantastic job scaring the reader in this one. The article begins speaking of an 11 year old girl, Tonya Rerecic, and her seemingly harmless illness. The young girl had developed an immunity to the drugs she was taking, and eventually ended up in the hospital for five months.  Sounds like a poke at pathos to me. That heartwarming story leads into various quotes stated by famous medical innovators, none more alarming than spoken by the inventor of Penicillin, Alexander Fleming: “”the misuse of penicillin could be the propagation of mutant forms of bacteria that would resist the new miracle drug.”

     This piece is written well, as all major news outlet stories typically are. It does not have any hidden political meaning or subliminal message- it just speaks of the doomsday the United States of America is heading for if we do not halt this madness. Written simply for the sole purpose of informing the public, Eichenwald does a tremendous job in keeping his own opinion out of the commentary. We as Americans love our fat beef just as much as the rest of the world, but we are seemingly ignoring the fact that faster production does not equate to safer. As discussed, Europe has all but halted their use of antibiotic drugs on livestock, and will be amassing the remains of our bacteria stricken bodies in a short time, possibly using our limbs as fertilizer for their goats to graze on. We as a nation didn’t fight the Revolutionary War to end up like this. We must stand up against the tyranny of antibiotics, and strike down a revolt before it begins.

     The article was written soundly, with many facts and little based on fleeting opinions. Finding an article so pure had to have been difficult in the days of phonies corrupting the information world. For that I commend you, Mr. Eichenwald. 


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