Today in my media writing class, we were given an assignment to go out and watch something of our choice for 30 minutes, return back, and then write a short piece describing the scene before class ended. I gave it my best shot.


 Any living creature has a hard time adapting to a new environment. From bird to bear, hyena to human- all things feel uneasy in an unfamiliar place. As I sat down to decide on my scene idea, a family of four was sat next to me. Just as any species, the family appeared to be struggling to adapt.

     They were a typical American “modern family,” with a mom surveying the environment with tiger like focus, the father staring aimlessly into his lap, the son playing his new-fangled game machine, and the daughter, the prospective student, taking selfies while donning her West Virginia University “here’s where I’m from and here’s what I want to do with my life” name tag. They had yet to speak to each other.

       As time went on, the daughter started talking. She was wondering what time they were going to be home this evening, for she had a lacrosse game to attend. The mother immediately shot her a look of motherly disgust and dismissed the question.

       Continuing my survey, the mother seemed to catch on. Every time she would say something, she would immediately look to see if I was writing. The tiger- the ultimate protector- felt threatened by a mere pen and paper.

     The family got up and left me a few minutes later. It is amazing to me how people yearn for friendship, for acceptance, for normalcy- yet will go to great lengths to separate themselves from it.


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