The Day Erin Andrews Blocked Me on Twitter

      July 30th, 2013 is a day that will descend into the annals of time as one of the darkest in recorded history. No one important lost their life that day, nor did they endure a cataclysmic event unrivaled by the days of past generations. Kanye didn’t even interrupt any award shows. July 30th was the day I was blocked on Twitter by Erin Andrews.

      The day started as a normal summer day, with me waking up entirely too early to go to work. I was optimistic on what the day would hold. Well, I must add that my level of optimism was about as high as any eighteen-year-old boy working a 9-5 in the middle of the summer. I work(ed) in an IT department, so I spent some time with computers (when I say some time, I mean 9-5) and with computers comes internet. With internet comes mindless wandering through the web, and with that comes articles like this.

      I was taken aback by Thompson’s stance on the subject of Johnny Football. Instead of painting him as the gifted but spoiled athlete that he is, Thompson took a drastically different route- he DEFENDED Johnny and touched on the fact he faces a lot of pressure. Manziel begged his father for a new Mercedes, and when the answer was no things took a turn- Johnny declared that if his father did not purchase him the car, he would use his high profile status to illegally obtain one. How can anyone, especially a lead ESPN journalist, defend that behavior? Beats me.


     I logged onto twitter to check on the lives of the people I hate the most when I noticed an Erin Andrews tweet promoting Thompson’s article. I decided to reply to her tweet and share my feelings, something we Generation Me kids are good at (thanks for the name, Time- it fits.) A few moments later my phone started vibrating more than, well, you know. This appeared:  



     She even read my bio! I’m glad she had the time out of her busy schedule.



     Now don’t get me wrong Erin, but I’m pretty sure you’re not any more qualified than I in ability to judge gifted writers.Image



     Also, I am serious about studying journalism in college. Unlike you, I actually am majoring in Journalism. Why? Because I want to be a journalist. Not just television (and hotel) eye candy.


     Her response led me to a myriad of emotions. I was originally embarrassed, but then I quickly realized she misinterpreted the tweet. I obviously was talking about Johnny, not the writer. Soon after the embarrassment, I became angry. How could she be so incompetent? Not only did I have to deal with her silly reply, but also many people who follow her replies. People began to insult my school choice (WVU. I know, we burn couches and drink- tell me something I don’t know, asshole) and also my personal appearance in my profile picture! I quickly became sad. Erin Andrews had just cyber-bullied me. Can I press charges?




      I now see this when I hit the follow button.


      Not only was I publicly ridiculed for simply having an opinion that is not far from the norm, I was blocked from following her.  I am quite confused on why I was blocked- why would I want to follow her if I had just been cyber-bullied?! Ah, women and their logic.

     July 30th was a day I will never forget. I am quite certain I will never emotionally recover from the events that transpired. If I can give a simple word of advice, it would be this- Block Erin Andrews. Do not let her hurt you like she hurt me.